Influenster: The #SpiritVoxBox!

Hi everyone! Recently, I was lucky enough to receive the #SpiritVoxBox from Influenster!  I receive the products for free in return for reviews on various platforms.  This is my third box so far and I’ve loved most of the products I’ve received 🙂 I wasn’t disappointed by this one either! If you want to see the first Vox Box I ever reviewed, check out this blog post!


Kate Spade pouch not included ;P

In this particular box, I received products from SweetSpot Labs, Snickers, Yogi Tea and NYC New York Color.  I’ll be posting about them on my different social accounts such as Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter, but I’ll be covering my detailed thoughts on each down below~ Let me know in the comments if you have a VoxBox blog post too! I’d love to check it out 🙂 Please leave any questions down below as well! And now to jump into the products ♥

1. SweetSpot Labs On-The-Go Wipettes


Pic credit goes to Influenster ♥

Neroli Mandarin/Vanilla Blossom 32 ct. for $9.99

First up are these wipettes from the brand SweetSpot Labs.  Like the product name implies, this is a feminine hygiene wipe meant for your “sweet spot”, and can be carried in your purse for freshness on-the-go.  Although I’m not familiar with this brand, I have tried a similar type of product in the past.  So, I thought I would compare these with one I had on hand to see what makes it special and different.


I currently use the Summer’s Eve Aloe Love Cleansing Cloths for sensitive skin.  Because I don’t own the travel ones, I will only be comparing the quality of these wipes to the SweetSpot ones.


Both of these products claim to be pH-balanced, dermatologist and gynecologist tested, and cruelty free.  However, only the SweetSpot Labs wipettes claim to be 98% natural! Although I am not a professional, so I cannot accurately determine whether this statement is true or not, just by looking at the ingredients list on the back of the wipette, it seems that this wipe can live up to that promise.  Some ingredients that stood out to me were all the fruit and vegetable extracts as well as the sodium hyaluronate.  Another thing I noticed was how much longer the SweetSpot Labs Wipette ingredients list was.  It seems to be full with natural ingredients!

I did a quick research on some of these but there are just too many to make any truly informed opinion on my part.  If you are knowledgeable on cosmetic ingredients, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂


I tried these out after a long day out of the house, and I think these work fine.  I didn’t find anything miraculous compared to the Summer’s Eve one, so the key difference is definitely in the ingredients!  For me personally though, I didn’t enjoy the Vanilla Blossom one as much, just because it felt like I was wiping a cupcake onto my, ahem, “sweet spot”.

2. SNICKERS Crisper


$1.49-$3.99 per bar

Moving on, this new chocolate from Snickers is a bar with crisped rice, peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate that Snickers says is “little sweet, a little salty, a little chewy and a lot crispy!”  I was a bit wary trying this product just because I don’t normally eat candy. I just find that most candy is too sweet for me ehehe. But I decided to stay fair and try it out anyway.

The cool thing about this bar is that it comes in two pieces in one package.  In theory, you could eat a half and save one for later.  The only problem I find with this is that the wrapper is not resealable.  So, you would have to be careful about where and how you place the other half if you were to take it on-the-go.  If you are enjoying it at home, however, you could easily stow it away in your fridge, on your nightstand, or anywhere you’d like it to be!


I had a stowaway in my pencil case!

Besides the fact that this bar is personally to sweet for me, I think anyone who already enjoys Snickers would absolutely love this!  The crisped rice adds texture among all the gooey-ness and also makes it feel “lighter” in the mouth.  Now if Snickers could make a dark chocolate version, I’d buy it over and over too!

3. Yogi Tea


Latenight #YogiTeaTime

Green Tea Kombucha/Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life 16 ct. for $4.99

A company called Yogi Tea included two packets of tea in this Vox Box! The varieties I had a chance to try were the Green Tea Kombucha and the Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life.  These are just two out of the “60 varieties of herbal, green and black teas” in the Yogi Tea collection.

I grew up drinking tea, and green tea in particular, so I was especially excited to sample these! Now, each claims different things and have different ingredients so I will section it out into two reviews down below~

Green Tea Kombucha

Yogi Tea labels this tea as one that will support the immune and digestive function of your body.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

Yogi’s special formula of Organic Green Tea with Kombucha is designed to support your immune system and provide antioxidants. Spearmint naturally supports digestion, and Lemongrass and Plum flavor combine to create a smooth, fragrant blend with a light, fruity flavor.

In addition, the packet also lists organic green tea leaf, natural passion fruit flavors, and kombucha as its ingredients.  It also has about 30 mg caffeine compared to about 90 mg in a 8 oz. of coffee.  The brew time is a quick 3 minutes!

I had this one night while I was working on a blog post, which apparently is my favorite time for tea haha, and I was really pleasantly surprised by its smooth, agreeable flavor.  It wasn’t sharp or overly fruity like you might think from a tea with many ingredients.  I wouldn’t be able to review the actual function of this tea since I only have one packet, but it is a tasty tea!

Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life

This particular tea is supposed to help energize you and support a dieting program.  Big claims if I do say so myself! Here is exactly what is claimed on the website:

Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life is specifically formulated to help give you the energy you need to maintain an active lifestyle while dieting. We add Organic Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract in combination with Ginseng and Eleuthero Extracts to support stamina. Light and sweet Blueberry flavor and hints of Organic Hibiscus make Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life a fragrant and delicious addition to a weight loss program of exercise and a balanced diet.*

What’s that asterisk you ask?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

So, I ask that if you purchase this tea, know that it could be beneficial to your health in the ways stated above, or it may not be~ In any case, this, like the kombucha, is a very smooth tasting tea with the SLIGHTEST hint of blueberry! Definitely a winner ♥

5. Lovatics by Demi Lip and Cheek Tint (by NYC New York Color)

NYC Cheek Tint

$3.99 per bottle

This by far was my favorite product in the entire box! I love beauty products so I made a beeline for this tint.  I already use tints in my daily makeup regime, but I have never owned one created for the cheeks as well.  NYC New York Color is also a brand that I am not entirely familiar with.  I believer I have only tried a few of their products.

I received this tint in the color Cheeky Pink which is a super bright, almost hot-pink.  I’ve read that this could be a good dupe for Benefit’s Posie Tint.  The color is great for spring, but not for the color-shy consumer.  I used this tint to create a gradient lip and I dabbed it on my cheeks for a natural, sweet flush.


I am so happy with the way this product blended out on my cheeks.  I just applied three strokes on each cheek and patted away with my fingers.  Be warned, it will also stain your fingers.  And maybe whatever is on your counter if you’re not careful.  (I accidentally had a drop fall on my hat and it’s stained forever T-T). On the lips, I would recommend using this product in combination with another one such as a balm or some lip concealer.  I haven’t tried it as a full-lip look, but from what I’ve seen from pictures, it could look a little messy.  Also, if you’re not familiar with tints in general, tints are nowhere near moisturizing, and in fact could be extremely drying.


See what I mean?

My only qualm with this product is the applicator and packaging.  I prefer tints to be in a marker because I feel they provide more control and don’t drip everywhere.  Also, the bottle looks exactly like nail polish! But these do not detract from the awesome formula and price.  I would highly recommend this if you are curious to try out this type of tint, but do not want to spend big bucks.


I hope you enjoyed this extremely lengthy and informative review post ♥ Again, if you have any questions about these products, Influenster, or any personal experiences of your own, I would love to hear them in the comments section!! 🙂


Much love and have a beautiful day ♥


Lush Mini Haul & Review!

Several months ago I went to Lush, the beauty/skincare store claiming fresh handmade cosmetics, for the first time with my friend.  I had seen Lush in the malls before, and even more on the internet with all the hype around their bath bombs, but the hefty price tags on their items kept me away for the longest time.  However, starting in late fall of last year, my facial skin type had started to change from oily to oily/combination.  I even started to develop dry patches!  I had no idea how to deal with my new skin condition, so I searched for new products and methods to pamper my skin.

I went into Lush hoping to find a facial scrub to exfoliate my dry skin, but I actually had no clue about the products there.  The store was packed from wall to wall with customers.  Luckily, I was still helped by the most wonderful worker.  She listened to what I was looking for and brought out some products to test on my skin.  I ended up walking out with two full-size products and one sample.  Now that I’ve tested them out for a while, I wanted to do a full-review of each product so you can decide whether you want to splurge on something for yourself, or search for other options ♥

Self-Preserving Ocean Salt (Facial/Body Scrub)


4.2 oz for $21.95 or 8.8 oz for $36.95

Lush claims that this scrub is a self-preserving cleanser that has minerals to soften the skin, remove dirt, dead skin and blockages.  In turn, this is supposed to brighten your complexion and leave you fresh!

Being that this is my first time at Lush, I had no idea what self-preserving meant!  A quick Google search led me to an article on their UK Lush website that describes Lush self-preserving products as products that have been “expertly formulated and balanced to create an environment which inhibits bacterial growth” and are free from synthetic preservatives. Any product with this label would be great for someone trying to avoid chemical preservatives.  As these preservatives are natural, these products will not last as long as your typical cosmetic product at the drugstore or department store.  But the great trade-off is knowing that your cosmetics from Lush will always be fresh, handmade and also, completely vegetarian.

Now, although I think the natural properties of this product make this a potentially better option than your average facial scrub, I found the particles of salt in this scrub were just too rough on the skin.  I feel like it’s not an exaggeration to say it felt like rubbing glass all over my face.  Needless to say, the roughness made my face red and slightly inflamed.  I thought it could just be a temporary flush of the skin and didn’t think too much about it at the time.  This happened to me the two times I tried using this scrub. However, now I feel that it was an unnecessary abrasiveness for my skin.  Harsh scrubs can cause microtears in your facial skin which could lead to premature wrinkles.  This is definitely not something I want!

Secondly, when you rinse the scrub off, it has a heavy layer of moisturizer left on your skin.  I was taken aback at first but thought that it would be very hydrating for my skin which tends to dry out a bit overnight.  I was sad to find that it broke me out.  Since I have combination/oily skin, maybe it’s something I should have expected, but I was still surprised nonetheless.

Using this scrub, I didn’t feel fresh, my skin didn’t feel softened or anything remotely close to the claim.  Still, this may be a good product for people with extremely dry skin.  If you have tried this product, please let me know your experience in the comments below!  I would love to know if I’m using it wrong and try to use it again~! Especially since because of it’s pricey tag.


Angels on Bare Skin (Facial Scrub/Cleanser – Sample)


3.5 oz for $13.95 or 8.4 oz for $33.95

I could only get a sample of this product because it had sold out in-store due to its immense popularity!  Thus, I had especially high hopes for this “cleanser sent from above”. It’s a kaolin clay-based cleanser with ground almonds and lavender.  I was told that this cleanser was gentle enough to use once — even twice — a day.

After removing my makeup, I gently rubbed the product into my skin, avoiding sensitive areas, and rinsed it off with warm water.  My skin felt thick with moisturizer.

Although this scrub did feel much better on the skin, and did not make me feel like I was scraping rubble onto my face, the thick layer of moisturizing oil left on my skin afterwards broke me out just like the Ocean Salt cleanser.  I am starting to think that it is just my skin with this problem haha.  After all, this was a SOLD OUT product!

Since I don’t want these cleansers to go to waste, I will try my best to finish them up.  However, as of now, I would not recommend these two to anyone with a similar skin type!  Again, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you have had a positive experience!

Magical Moringa (Moisturizing Balm)


2.2 oz for $24.95

Thankfully, I’ll be ending this post on a positive note because this product is AH-MA-ZING.  Oddly enough, this is the one product out of the three that is advertised as an oil heavy product — with moringa, argan oil and rose hip oil –, but it is the also the one product that has a matte finish and doesn’t break me out.  When the staff member sampled this product on the back of my hand, I was SOLD.

Magical Moringa is a double-duty beauty product that moisturizes and primes your skin.  I use this every morning whether I’m going out with no makeup on or tons of it.  I mainly rely on it for its priming feature since it creates a velvety, matte base for your foundation.  I’m not sure how many more times I can say it’s VELVETY SMOOTH.  I am truly impressed with this product and feel that it’s worth every penny.  When a makeup product doubles as skincare, I feel that it’s truly worth the price you pay.

My skin has drastically improved after this using this product, especially in the winter months where my skin suffered from the dryer weather. If you’re worried about it being too heavy for you, walk into the store and feel the product for yourself!

Lush Claim Logos

I hope this was a helpful look into some products by Lush and this can help you decide whether or not to purchase something from their product lines!  Although two of the three products didn’t work for me so well, it definitely doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go back to try more products!  Magical Moringa alone encourages to try more haha. Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations, suggestions or advice as well! Have a beautiful day ♥

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Influenster and My First VoxBox!


Yes I know it’s backwards QQ

Hi everyone!  So if you follow any of my social media accounts, you may have noticed that I’ve been raving about certain products that I received complimentary from Influenster.  I wanted to talk a little bit about what Influenster is, and what I received, so any interested readers can check it out for themselves!

I first signed up for Influenster in June of this year, 2015, by clicking on an invite link that a tumblr blogger posted.  I was attracted to the idea of free stuff!  It’s different from what I thought it would be (I was hoping for monthly boxes of free stuff haha), but I still love this website for everything that it is!

Influenster profile

My influenster profile~

In order to get the boxes (or VoxBoxes) with complimentary items you have to fill out mini surveys – called snaps – about yourself, connect your social media accounts to your profile, and basically be a valuable member to the Influenster community.  The members of this site review thousands of products within the website itself, whether they received it for free or tried it through their own means.  You can also earn “badges” for your profile by leaving reviews and filling out the snaps.  Doing all this builds your social impact score.

If Influenster finds you to be a potential great match for an upcoming VoxBox, they will send you an e-mail with a pre-screening survey to confirm whether they want to deliver you the VoxBox.

In the VoxBox are varying products, depending on the particular box, sent to Influenster by companies who want the members to test and review their products.  Some themes have been health and wellness, beauty, bridal and tons more.  It’s 100% free, so no shipping prices, deposit, purchases etc. etc.  You can also complete tasks for this box to get exclusive badges for your profile.

So on to the fun stuff!! 

I was part of the 10,000 college users selected to receive the Homecoming VoxBox! 

A sturdy box filled with fall goodies!

So many sparkly, fall goodies!

Besides the postcards describing the contents of the box and their STEM major scholarship, I received Kettle Brand Potato Chips in the Pepperoncini flavor, Luden’s Lozenges in the Apple flavor, Olay’s New Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser, RedVines, and Sinful Color’s Sinful Shine 2-Step Manicure in Prosecco and Top Coat.

Everyone with the Homecoming VoxBox received the same product, but possibly in different flavors, colors, and variations.

I’ve done some micro reviews on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. but I want to go a bit more in depth here.

And just to note, although Influenster users receive these products for free, we are in no way sponsored!  All of our opinions are honest and our own.

I hope you enjoy these reviews!

1.  Kettle Brand Chips – Pepperoncini

If you’ve never had Kettle Brand chips before, they are usually a thicker cut potato chip with intense and unique flavors.  I feel that they are a more natural potato chip than most other brands, but a little bit on the heavy side.  Nonetheless, a great snack!

This is my first time trying Pepperoncini and let me tell you, it tastes exactly like pepperoncinis from a jar!  Pepperoncini is (I believe) the Italian name for peppers but you may be more familiar with the light green peppers sold in jars of brine.  They can be used in sandwiches and other cuisine for a salty yet refreshing taste.  These chips perfectly copy that flavor and I would definitely purchase this!

Retail price:  ~$3 for 9 oz.

Website || Facebook || Twitter: @KettleBrand

2.  Luden’s Lozenges – Apple

I don’t usually eat lozenges or cough drops because I despise the minty, menthol flavor that most have.  Especially the Fruit Breezes one.  Needless to say, I was a little less than excited to try this product.

However, there is no minty flavor!  It is strictly a sweet apple flavor.  It tastes like a delicious hard candy and now I just eat these or the taste hahaha.  I honestly can’t give a fair review for these because I don’t have a cold or a sore throat, but I’ll definitely try these out after a long karaoke session and a update soon!

These may not be out yet because I cannot find them anywhere online 😦

Retail price:  ???

Website || Facebook || Twitter: @LudensUSA || Instagram: @LudensUSA

3.  Olay Active Botanicals – Refreshing Gel Cleanser

I am completely in love this product!  I wasn’t at first but I can’t keep lying to myself since I use it everyday now.  This smells amazing, comes in the form of a clear gel, lathers super well, and gets rid of everything.  Oil, dead skin, makeup, you name it, it’s gone.

When I very first tried it, I felt that it was too tight for my skin, but I realized that this face cleanser was actually improving the look of my skin.  On days that I feel it’s too tight, I just put on a thicker moisturizer and I’m good to go.

The main theme of the Active Botanicals line is the use of the ingredient Snow Mushroom.  Supposedly, Snow Mushrooms were used for hundreds of years by women in China for it’s moisturizing and hydrating properties.  The mushroom itself is said to hold an insane amount of water!

Taking a

Taking a “shelfie”

It works well, smells amazing, and comes in a pretty cute packaging.  I will definitely consider repurchasing this as well trying out the other products in the line.

Retail price: ~$6 for 3.3 fl. oz.

Website || Facebook || Twitter: @OlayUS

4.  RedVines

I cannot remember the last time that I tried a RedVine (or a Twizzler or any other licorice candy) because I think I didn’t like them as a kid 😡 This is another product I was honestly very hesistant to try.  I wanted to skip this one!  But I tried it hoping that after a decade I would possibly like these.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor.  I thought it would have a sharper, more bitter, NyQuil type taste but it’s more of a bubblegum flavor?  It was a very interesting experience to say the least.  One thing for sure is that these are fun to use as a straw haha.

All-in-all, not bad and previous fans of RedVines should be satisfied!

Retail price: ~$1.50 for 4 oz.

Website || Facebook || Twitter: @RedVines || Instagram: @RedVinesCandy

5.  Sinful Colors Sinful Shine – Prosecco and Top Coat

I had never tried this brand before, nor had I heard of it, but after a quick search I discovered that I had received a very coveted color – Prosecco! Some have even called it the “unicorn” of nail polish colors.  But since the retail price is so cheap, I was a little doubtful of how intricate and gorgeous this polish good be.

But I was so wrong! It is absolutely dreamy!

This picture does it no justice!

This picture does it no justice!

In the bottle, Prosecco looks like a simple, glittery silver color, but on the hand it is a complex taupey-grey with gold microglitters and a beautiful overall sheen.

The formula was pretty good as well.  It didn’t  drag and went on pretty smoothly.  The top coat was the same.

The only downside to this product was it’s long drying time.  I’m more used to polishes that dry instantly so it was a very taxing 20-30 minutes waiting for this polish to dry.  Even then, it still felt a bit tacky.

But that won’t stop me from wearing this polish!  It’s great for fall/winter and matches all of my clothing.  I’ve also received so many compliments on it and everyone around me wants to try out too.  Just gotta save some me-time for myself to put this polish on~!

There are tons of colors in this line, mostly creme, so I’m gonna stop by the store see if I find any more beauties ♥

Retail price: ~$3 per bottle

Website || Facebook || Twitter: @SinfulColors_NP || Instagram: @sinfulcolors_official

I hope these reviews helped you guys decide whether you wanted to try out these products or Influenster.  I’m grateful for this VoxBox so I can talk about these products with the people around me.  Let me know if you decided to try out Influenster!  Also stay tuned for my YouTube unboxing video!

Thank you for reading and I hope you lovelies have a great day!


Pretty: A Seemingly Tired Out Yet Endless Topic

In the middle of the night yesterday (or should I say 5am this morning), my boyfriend I were in the middle of watching a drama right before I broke down in tears questioning him.

It probably sounds like a cliched scene from a movie or an antic pulled by a hormonal, over-emotional teen, but I was really hurting.

What had happened was my boyfriend made a generalized comment about how Japanese women were very proper and ladylike.  He had said it because we were watching a Japanese drama “電車男” or “Train Man” and the main female character really was like a beautiful angel.  My boyfriend is also Japanese so him saying this would be similar to me saying that American women tend to be very outgoing and independent (just an example, not really how I exactly feel btw).  I was hurt by his comment because I had taken it as a comparison to myself.


Maybe some of you who just read that are thinking “that’s silly” or “have confidence in yourself”.  My boyfriend reacted somewhat similarly.  He was confused and hurt himself too because that’s not what he meant at all.  After much discussing and many tears, I was finally able tell him about my huge insecurity as a person that stemmed from childhood.

Growing up, I had been pretty chubby and plain-looking.  Now, I didn’t really realize that on my own.  It was told to me by the people around me.

It didn’t have to be anything direct (although I have gotten my fair share of “you’re fat and ugly”), it could’ve been an indirect statement such as “wow you look much better now that you’ve lost weight” or “in Japan you would be considered big”.  A lot of these seemingly benign comments came from close friends and family. They didn’t mean to attack my self-esteem I’m sure, however, it did.

Me on the left, 2010

Me on the left, 2010

In high school, I began to have a very unhealthy relationship with my weight, appearance and food.  I would go on extreme diets, exercise strenuously, binge, purge, cry in the middle of the night, etc.  I found solace on the internet with other people who suffered similarly, and kept everything a secret from my peers at home and school.

Once I got to college, I was able to surround myself with positive people and put my energy into various social events that I had never had an interest in before. I felt that I was finally able to grow and open up.  I felt free.

There’s a lot more to my life story and other factors that came into play, but just my insecurity alone had a huge impact on how I view the world, myself and others.

It wasn’t until yesterday when I bared myself to my boyfriend that I really realized how affected I was deep down inside. I constantly compare myself to every single person around me.

Any gender.

Any ethnicity.

Any anything. 

A lot of things I do stem from this insecurity. The things I buy, the places I go to, the things I watch and more for the sake of appearance.

Being obsessed with pretty had become a part of my identity in an unhealthy way.  But now that I’ve realized what the past has done to me, I’m gonna take back control of myself.

I’ll still love pretty things and incorporate it into my life, but I will minimize the breakdowns and anxiety that resulted from that obsession.  I will be more aware of my inner emotions rather than run away from them.

I hope that someone reading this would be able to relate to this and would be willing to share their stories or fears with me.

Most recent selfie :)

Most recent selfie 🙂

I would love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Lunar New Year!

I personally don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year (more commonly known as Chinese New Year), but I do have a lot of friends that do!

This year is the year of the Goat/Ram so for those of you born in 1979, 1991, 2003 or this year, this is your time!  If you’re born earlier, you can look up your zodiac here.

I’ve learned a little bit about this holiday from my friends.  I know that unmarried people receive money in red envelopes and families gather around for huge feasts.  To the people who celebrate this holiday, it is what Christmas is to some.

This year, a friend of mine gave me an orange-colored rice cake called nian gao (粘糕 ). She told me that I must eat it for Lunar New Year, but I couldn’t tell if it’s because of tradition or because she had four huge wheels of nian gao hahaha.


My nian gao in a huge pie tin @-@

So I’ve done a bit of research and found that it is actually a tradition! I’m not sure why I’m so surprised haha.

Apparently, the characters for nian gao sound similar to the characters for “year” and “high”.  Because of this, presenting this sweet, rice cake implies that you wish the receiver a “high year” or prosperity for the following year.  Mine came in a circle but I found some very pretty shapes that are popular for gift-giving.

A layered version with the character for spring on the top~

They look like real koi!!

Since nian gao is found in different areas of China and other parts of Asia, I’m sure there are many, many beautiful designs.  I’m really glad I took the time to look it up ^^  Did anyone eat this delicacy for Lunar New Year? 🙂

I’m gonna make myself some now. Yum! ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●):*・゚☆

Not all these photos belong to me.  Credit goes to the original owners.

Japanese Food Mini Fair!

I love eating so naturally one of my most frequented places would be somewhere with food.  Namely, Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa~!

Starting this past weekend and ending early next week, there will be a number of vendors selling normally unattainable novelty foods.


First I purchased takoyaki (bite sized balls of batter, octopus and various toppings usually sold in sets of 8) from a vendor that traveled from Osaka, Japan!  Osaka is famous for its takoyaki and okonomiyaki (a savory type pancake) so I was more than excited to eat legitimate takoyaki once again! 🙂


The real way to make takoyaki!

The real way to make takoyaki!

The takoyaki had huge pieces of octopus and the batter was melty perfection.




Next, we ordered Harajuku style crepes. Unfortunately, I can’t give a true review for them since I have never actually tried crepes in Japan, let alone in Harajuku!  However, for mine and my Japanese boyfriend’s tastes they were too sweet. ><

We both finished about half though and they make for pretty pictures hehe.

Ah! No editing @-@ But see they're pretty :)

Ah! No editing @-@ But see they’re pretty 🙂

I would definitely recommend them for sweet lovers and foodie for a general experience ^^

Lastly, we had a seafood bowl from Hokkaido but I wasn’t able to get any nice pictures ;P But if you have any interest in new food, food from Japan or want something to do, take a trip to Mitsuwa! I’m not sure which locations are doing this but here is a link to the “Special Events” section of their website if you would like to know more~

Let me know if you recently had a food adventure too! ^.^ ♥